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Exclusive Services

I offer dreadlock appointments from my home studio in falkirk or I can travel to you.

*over 50 miles outside of falkirk fuel will be added to price*

Click the button below for link to my  Etsy where you will find decorations, beads, hair wraps and much more



Maintenance from £30

1/2 head dreadlock maintenance                                                              2-3 hours

3/4 head dreadlock maintenance                                                              3-4 hours

Full head dreadlock maintenance                                                              4-6 hours


Permeant Dreadlock Installs from £180

1/2 head dreadlock install                                                                             4-6 hours

3/4 head dreadlock install                                                                             6-8 hours

Full head dreadlock install                                                                             8-12 hours

*full head dreadlock install are split over two 6 hour sechions*


Dreadlock Removal From £60                                              4-10 hours


Custom Dreadlock Extensions from £120

I offer an extensive range of custom dreadlock extensions; this includes:                             -100% real Reamy human hair extension

      -Synthetic Kanelon hair

      -wool dreadlocks. 

These can be made custom to order in any colour and any length with a choice of:

      -Single-ended (SE) dreadlock 

      -Double-ended (DE) dreadlocks 

      -Clip-in dreadlocks 

      -Loose ended dreadlocks for permanent install into dreadlocks


Dreadlock Extension can be added to all permanent dreadlock installs, including 100% real Remmy human hair and kanelon synthetic hair. 

Prices start at £120 and can vary depending on length and quantity. 


I also offer a range of dreadlock decorations from threads to wraps and hand made dreadlock beads. These are available on my Etsy page or feel free to contact me for custom orders.


Would you please get in contact via email or through social media for availability and consultations, as well as custom dreadlock orders. Also, please pop over to my Etsy page to see what I have to offer. 

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